A little about Lucy Hawking

Born in 1970 Lucy was raised and educated in Cambridge. She studied French and Russian at Oxford University graduating with an MA Honours in Modern Languages. Lucy has worked extensively as a journalist, writing for many British newspapers including: the Daily Mail, The Telegraph, The Times and the London Evening Standard. She has also written columns for New York magazine in the USA. During her career she has had many broadcast appearances on radio and television - recently she appeared on Today (MSNBC) and the Charlie Rose program in the states.

She has one son, William who has autistic spectrum disorder, and she takes an active role in supporting people with the condition: Lucy is an administrative staff member of the Autism Research Centre (ARC), which is situated within the School of Clinical Medicine at Cambridge University.

She has written three novels, with her most recent being George & the Secret Key to the Universe which she co-authored with her father Professor Stephen Hawking. Translated into 30 languages the book made number 6 in the New York Times Children's Bestseller list.

Lucy Hawking