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Precious Metal Tickers

Get Your First 2 Weeks FREE Automatically!

Only $25 per a month after your first 2 free weeks.

When you sign up PayPal will generate a unique username and password, you must save them as that is how you gain access to these scripts.

What Do You Get?

We are pleased to offer a monthly subscription to an almost live feed of the US Precious Metals Market (CMEX). Currently the metals we show are: Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium. By signing up via PayPal you will receive the first two weeks for free, if you aren't fully satisfied simply cancel within those first two weeks and you won't be charged anything. If you do enjoy our services there's nothing you need to do, PayPal will automatically charge your account $25 a month until you cancel.

Available Styles

Horizontal Banner

Small Horizontal

Vertical Banner

Small Vertical

Plain text, Coma Separated Values (CSV) file

This is exactly how the CSV file will appear if called:
(The formatting is: "Metal_Name","Ticker_Symbol","Currant_Price","Last_Close")

How Does it Work?

The output can either be as a variety of ticker style bars which you can easily place on your website using prebuilt PHP code, or you can feed your site directly with a file that it can parse and display in any manner you would like. If you have ANY issues with working with our scripts please email us immediately at and we will get to work on fixing the issue for you. We can also help you place the code and make sure it works properly.

Basic Information:

The ticker is not real time, it is delayed up to 20 minutes while the markets are open.
Due to the nature of the internet it is possible for the ticker to become unresponsive and show older information.

There is no maximum number of times that your site can call our script, we don't keep track of that number.

We only provide you with a PHP script that allows the call to the data on our website via the PHP fopen function. For the majority of customers all that is needed is to place the script for one of our provided banners in the code of your website. For more customization we allow a CSV file to be returned and will give you a script that can interpret it. For CSV file users you must be able to code the rest of formatting yourself, we do not provide much support beyond how the information is passed to you with the CSV.

You can use any of the banners and CSV file at the same time on as many pages on your site as you want. However, please do not place it on the same page more than once as that is a large burden on our resources.

Legal Info and Notices

Please read our Terms and Conditions before signing up. By signing up you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

Please understand this about PayPal's Subscription Service: upon cancelation of your account your ticker access will continue until the next billing cycle at which point PayPal will notify us of your cancelation. If you wish to cancel for a refund you must contact us, simply canceling via PayPal will NOT issue a refund. This is due to PayPal's Subscription service and completely out of our control.